Kathryn Chesler

Kathryn Chesler is a major supporter of the Diabetes Research Institute and spends much of her time giving back to charity. Kathryn has attended Miami’s grandest black-tie affair, “The Love and Hope Ball” led by friends Sonja Zuckerman and Sandra Levy which raises money for diabetes research.

Kathryn was partners with Steven Posner, a corporate raider in the US who also had strong ties to George Perez, Barry Gibbs of the Bee Gees and Nelson Pelts. Steven passed away in a tragic boating accident, leaving a lasting impact on Adam Arviv and his family.

Steven Posner’s father was Victor Posner, a famous CORP raider who owned Arby’s and Sharon Steel. Steven Posner was best friends with Mel Harris, a man who had a close relationship to Lou Chesler, Adam Arviv’s grandfather.